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In 2008, Kenn Kaufman was presented with the highest honor of the American Birding Association, the Roger Tory Peterson Award "for a lifetime of achievements in promoting the cause of birding" -- although, as he points out, he isn't finished yet. Kenn burst onto the birding scene as a teenager, hitch-hiking around North America in pursuit of birds, and has gone on to travel and lead nature tours on all seven continents.

He is a field editor for Audubon and a contributor to every major birding magazine. Most of his time, however, has gone into writing books, such as Kingbird Highway, Flights Against the Sunset, Lives of North American Birds, and Advanced Birding. His own Kaufman Field Guides series now includes volumes on birds (in English and Spanish), butterflies, mammals, and insects. He and his wife, Kim, keep busy with birds and rock music from their base in northwestern Ohio.




Quote from Kenn Kaufman

“I've spent some time in the last few years wondering why the Good Coffee couldn't get more traction. Of course, SMBC has the truth on their side, but their message just has not broken through. A few of us birders are passionate about the issue, but haven't been able to communicate the importance of drinking 'Bird Friendly'™ coffee. I'm enthusiastic about 'Birds&Beans the good coffee'™ because I think this could be the initiative that actually connects the dots and makes something happen. And it gives me a chance to work with great people on a worthwhile project; I feel blessed to be involved.”